Why Does Everyone On The Internet Take Things So Personally?

Are You Talking About Me

Are you talking about me? Seriously, I come in here thinking today will finally be the day that no one talks crap about me. I open up my laptop and search around to find where that little fox whose butt is on fire is hiding. I give him a proper old click and SHABOWOWIE; I’m on the internet. What do I get when I get on the internet looking for encouragement and Post-Apocalyptic Nannies being annoyed by baby pandas? Do I get Post-Apocalyptic-Panda-Omnium? Well yes. I do get that. After my faith in the internet is increased five times by Pandas, I decide to take all the knowledge I have gathered in my knower and impart some learning unto this great information barren internet. What do I find then? I don’t even know you, and you are already tired of reading my posts. What am I going to do? I don’t want to go back to writing things on facebook. Why? Why? Why you sick, sad, cruel world wide web, why must you taunt me with acceptance and respect and then destroy it? I just bought this laptop, and my tears are already seeping into the circuits. Mmmmmmmmm. Salty and stingy. I’m going to cry more.

I could be wrong, and pigs could fly and something about a frog not bumping its butt when it hops if it has wings. A frog probably will not have wings, and pigs lack the essential social skills necessary to purchase airline passage without much assistance and several high court proceedings to decide the sentience and allow them a photo ID to board the plane. Having witnessed my iron grip on logical analysis, in the arguments as mentioned earlier. You and I know that I am not wrong in my speculations. So, reason states I will continue to be right. So, read on and enjoy. 

People seem to not know the value of their voice or their lives these days. We live in a world that tries to fight to be right, that also believes you can only be right if everyone agrees with you. The crazy thing is that culture of snowflake fear, and everyone must agree lead to a generation that is scared to be controversial. 

Keep in mind; there is a difference between controversial and adversarial. People like to fight and try to convince everyone to think what they think. That’s adversarial. Very few are willing to be controversial and embrace the parts of them other people, or possibly hobbits, will shun or dislike without trying to convince those others to agree with them. They don’t find value in thoughts or ideas. They only find value in others opinions of them. They need approval to feel self-worth. 

The scariest part of this behavior is what it means for those value seeker people. The thing they try so hard to convince people is great about themselves is not what gives them peace. Once the moment where they agree passes, so will the peace. They still only find acceptance and peace in everyone else’s opinion of them. If everyone does not think they are right, then they lose value. If they do not change someone’s mind and get them to agree, then they can never let the difference go. They become the stumbling block to their own happiness. 

This means, in almost a sense of self-defense people (especially emotional and self-focused people) read way to deep into everything.

Keep in mind. This is a grand generalization based on years of working with the younger generation and trying to help people realize their value. Everyone is not this way. However, if all you can feel right now is anger because I have now lumped you into a group of people that you do not think you belong to, and now feel like I am wrong and that you have to convince me that I am wrong because this is not you – yeah – it’s probably you.

If you can read it and all you want to do is pull your social justice warrior sword from a stone and cut me a new orifice for defecating. Because people will read this post and be sad about their lives, and we must protect them so it is your job to convince me I should not have clear thoughts or idea – yeah – it is also you.

If you read all that and thought, hmmm, that’s possibly legit. I wonder if he was talking about me. Eh. I don’t care. He is dumb. He can think whatever he wants – woohoo – congrats. It is not you. You know how to read information and decide if it applies to you. If it does you accept it. If it does not – you continue with your life. Beautiful.

Now if that happened, and you find yourself thinking, “I bet my friend (insert strange name here, I’m inserting Reginold D. Cheezit the Third) is going to see this and then RDC3 may feel hurt by the frankness. Maybe I should tell this evil writer of blogs exactly which exit I want him to take on his way to hell, so all the sad people know I’m on their side out there in internet land.” 

Then you think a little deeper and say to yourself, “Nah. People have a right to an opinion. But just in case it did hurt my friend RDC3, I think I’ll take some time to go hang out with him and let him know he is cared about and loved by a real live person who cares more about him than someone on the other side of a screen does. Yowie Wowie! This is great. This freak banging on a keyboard just spoke seriously about stuff that is not my problem. Not only am I not mad at him for giving an opinion I disagree with, but while I wasn’t being mad and wasn’t wasting my time spewing hate at someone that I don’t even know is real…. I managed to get inspired, go spend time showing someone love and care. Instead of being negative when I had a chance… instead of being pointlessly angry, I chose to make a connection with a real person and be a part of making their life better.”

If this is what happened as you read thru this, you are one of the chosen few. Those that make the world a better place, whose lives aren’t leaving a wake of anger and turmoil wherever you have been. You are the difference makers. 

As you are writing your life story, choose things that can positively change the world.

You got this!

Author: John Edgar


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