Faith When Done Wrong Is Very Polarizing.

I say that here so it can be a known element as you scroll around in the Agragape world here on “Ye Ole’ Internets” and find that some of the things written here make it rather obvious what I (speaking for John Edgar) believe and hold close to my heart.

One of the most defining characteristics of my life is my faith. I’m a Christian from beginning to end. I’m pretty sure if Christianity was a spice I would smell like a Curry Shop that accidentally installed Paint Shakers instead of spice racks. I had one of those moments in my young life where if God had not directly intervened I would probably be dead by now. He has been directly interfering ever since.

Things beyond my control have happened in my life, things happen in many people’s lives. In all honesty some of those things have been the kind of things that would make most people curl up in a ball and give up. Things that are just plain horrid. At the end of the day I’m still here. I’m still typing. I’m still smiling. I’ve still got joy.

That’s the kind of joy I don’t hide well. In my writing, talking, coaching I do my best never to hide the good or the bad from anyone. I’m pretty open, which can be scary for some people. Most people don’t handle open people well. It’s kind of sad actually. We live such hurt, damaged, self-esteem anemic lives that we don’t trust people who seem to actually care. We don’t know how to react to them. We do everything we can to find a way to label them as “fake.”  If we both share a basic religion we will scrutinize every word that is said, every action taken and try to prove why our opinion is “more righter” than the one that person presented. If we don’t share the same faith, or faith at all, then we feel the need to fight until one of us proves to the other how wrong they were. That’s just not right. Too much hurt happens that way.

Agragape has always existed as an idea and a place people can come to find rest, to find encouragement, to find whatever it is they need at that moment to make life a little better. Agragape is not about proving who is right or wrong. It is about Listening, Learning, Loving Others and Ourselves and the great way those things come together to show us how to Live a Life Worth Living.

Here is where I ask something of you. Participate in the discussions. Encourage each other. Don’t be afraid that someone will throw shade at you. We at Agragape don’t really have a requirement that specifies what you must believe in order to participate.

Here is my promise. The world is so much better when we talk, share ideas, and laugh together. I promise to do all I can to make this a place that happens. Play nice. Keep the conversation clean happy and uplifting. Learn about each other and who we are as a people. If I have to remove a comment or something that is entering into the zone of hurting others then I will. But not without doing what I can to contact and talk to you if it was your comment. Considering the kind of things people have said about me in my life I am pretty sure I can handle almost anything at this point. I do have an obligation to protect anyone roaming around Agragape. Some of us just aren’t as strong as others.

Also, just in case we need a how to guide for the internet. I know it is a crazy beast. I will post things here, even link to things and books I write (or others write) that deal directly with my faith. Possibly even series of Scripture Study. I will also post things here that deal mainly with my love of Sci-Fi (if anyone could get George Takei or Sir Patrick Stewart posting on some Agragape stuff you will be crowned winner.) You are welcome to read anything that is posted here. Feel free. Just remember if anything in what you read offends you, it is ok to not read any more of it. It’s actually ok to not be angry. It’s even ok to keep reading other things here. I promise no one that matters will get mad at you. (Especially if you have arranged a guest post by anyone from a Star Trek Franchise.)

Last and probably most important thing. You could be the strictest Baptist ever to walk the planet, you could be the most outspoken Atheist, you could be anywhere else in that spectrum and this statement still applies to you. The story of your life, where you have been, what you have learned during your life is valuable. Your story is unique. Let’s share.