National Bird Day

Every year on January 5th something extraordinary happens. In the United States of America, the millions (and millions) of birds take flight in the largest aviary on the planet Earth. Sort of the largest aviary on the planet Earth. Ok, full disclosure. The aviary isn’t the largest on planet Earth; it is the planet which is an excellent thing for you. 

Think about it for a moment or two. What are two things you hate about going to an aviary? I’ll save you a little time. I have asked one person this question. They could not believe how far away these fancy giant birdhouses were. Travel is not cheap. You don’t want to take out a 4th mortgage on your house to look at a bird. What if you could visit the most eco-friendly aviary that is our whole planet by just opening your door and stepping outside? Easy and cheap! I love it!

January 5th, of every year, is the day that the United States celebrates National Bird Day. Millions of adherents celebrate by grabbing some binoculars and going to do some birdwatching. The day is spent studying birds, watching birds and other bird-related activities. Can we say Carrier Pigeons, anyone? What about falconry. That is right. Something is terrific and gross about releasing a falcon you have trained into the air and watching it hunt game for you. 

We won’t speak much of it. However, in case you wish to know, Falconry goes to the next level when you have trained it for counterinsurgency. There will be no Red Dawn when our animals protect our freedoms from the sky. 

National Bird Day affords us all the opportunity to truly live and love the world around us while observing some of the most beautiful creatures ever to fly through our sky. 

The Avian Welfare Coalition’s National Bird Day campaign may not be as excited about the national defense aspects of birds. It does aim to improve the welfare of parrots and other birds by letting people know the difficulties of keeping birds as pets and supporting bird habitat conservation programs. They also spend time teaching people about the captive bird rescue organizations and sanctuaries that exist and need our help. 

This National Bird Day, spend some time looking up at the sky and dreaming a bit. 

Author: John Edgar


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