Most Healthy Energy Drinks Are Not Healthy

I was at a speaking engagement a few years back, checking my mic and waiting for everything to begin so I could take the stage. That is when it happened. My life as a Motivational Evangelist would never be the same. 

One hand had just turned the power on to my mic. The other hand for only one moment held a typical energy drink named after those things that hide in our closets and under our beds.

 – It is not Tom Cruise or an extremely anxious person. It’s not even a tormented individual escaping from oppression. I can’t promise it was not Harry Potter, I think he lived in a closet once. –

Walking towards me was a heart doctor. She looked at me, then took a long gaze at the drink in my hand. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I just knew that it made me want to pull the covers over my head so that the bad things would go away. I completely understand why that kid on Peanuts, Linus, always carried his blanket around. Why did I stop taking my blanket around?

She pointed at the energy drink in my hand, “what’s that you got there?” 

I wasn’t falling for it. “It’s a drink.”, as my words echoed thru the speakers, I realized this was going to end fantastically. 

She reached over and grabbed the can from my hand and spoke almost directly into my mic, “You know every week I have 5 or 6 people that come to my office with irregular heartbeats because they drink these things. I’m going to put this where it belongs.”

I watched as she walked right over to a garbage can and dropped it in. An audience has never been so excited for a speaker to turn a mic on early or enjoyed the public dressing down of a caffeine addict by a heart doctor.

When the event was over, everyone began gathering their things and looking for the doors. An excellent and kind lady saw the twitchy puffy eyes of an addict with no energy. She motioned for me to come near. In a normal caffeinated state, I would never consider following a stranger into a dark corner. Needless to say, without caffeine, I do not make wise decisions. 

In a normal caffeinated state, I would never consider following a stranger into a dark corner. Needless to say, without caffeine, I do not make wise decisions.

She slowly reached into her purse and removed a 6-pack of the best healthy energy drink you will ever find V8 VFusion Energy. She began to whisper to me, “These babies have 80 mg of caffeine. It’s just enough to keep you going, but not enough to make you jittery. When you have finished it, there is a nice period of pure focus followed by an hour or two of a caffeine kick. It all happens without the crash and without going to the heart doctor.”

I looked at the package of drinks in her hand as she moved them towards me. As I began wrapping my hands around the cans, I noticed they were freezing. This pack was the Pomegranate Blueberry, and it was terrific. The flavor was fresh and crisp, with none of the aftertastes you would expect. I drank almost the entire can “chugging” style. She must have noticed the look in my eyes. It was a cross between gratitude and ultimate happiness. 

“I see you like them” a smile began forming on her face, “I order them on Amazon. You can even find them in stores. They are cheaper with my Prime subscription service. Any questions?”

“Yes, ma’am. Just two.” I could feel my sanity returning thanks to the energy from the V8, “If you order them online, why did you have a cold 6 pack of V8-Energy in your purse?”

She slowly patted my cheek with one hand, while placing the other hand on the top of the case still in my hands, “First of all, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear: I never explain anything. You should remember that anything can happen if you let it. The time has come for me to go. Would you have seen my umbrella?” 

Life was never the same, but that changed life has made a great story. 

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Author: John Edgar


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