The most crucial part of someone’s legacy may require a second look and an open mind.

Why are you giving this woman a hard time? She has just done something wonderfully significant for me…
People are fascinating to me. The amount of experience we have in life doesn’t always positively affect how we see the world. We watch the actions of people or the actions taken against them thru the lens of our experiences, or the “group think” lens that is crafted by fear, pride, or speculation.
What would change in our lives if we looked at people thru the lens that sees the love of Christ for others?
What would change if, when looking at others, we assumed “the best” motive in a situation instead of insisting on “the worst” until it is proven not to be?

Matt 26:10-13 msg
“Why are you giving this woman a hard time?”

It is always good to learn things and to hear what others think. We would love the chance to know what you think about this post. You may or may not agree or like what we said. We may or may not like your opinion. Those things are okay. We promise to be cool about it and hope that you will be too. Disagreeing doesn’t have to lead to anger, especially if it begins with respect.
To protect anyone that swings thru here from disrespectful content, not disagreeable only disrespectful, we monitor the material and will remove from public view anything that is hateful or said in a way that appears to be an attempt to stir up anger or troll.
We will attempt to contact the author of any comment that was removed for two reasons. We will try to ascertain the original intent, in case we removed something that did not deserve deletion. The other purpose of contacting the author is to allow them a chance to voice themselves in a “more private” arena. This will help us to get to know them, and hopefully, the dialogue will help us to understand each other better.
So start dropping that knowledge. Thanks from the Agragape gang.

Author: John Edgar


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