Honeydew Products Liquid Gold Honey is Magic!

Let’s talk honey.

I like honey. Honey is good. Bee’s make honey. The internet told me bee’s should not be able to fly due to science.

Bees are magic. When bees are buzzing it is actually them pulling some Hairy Potter Parcel Tongue vocal trickery. The guy we don’t talk about scared me too. He was evil magic. He did not have a nose. Evil magic people don’t have noses.

I am scared of evil magic. I like my nose because it can smell all the honey. If I did not have my nose I could not smell honey. Then I would be very sad. That is why I eat all the honey. Then the magic is in me. I can smell all the smells.

Do you want to be magical? When people ask you, “how did you do that?’, do you want to truthfully respond with, “I have the magic in me.”

When Celebrity Net Worth list your accomplishments do you want it to say: 3. Ate all the honey. 2. Had all the magic in belly. 1. Had all the money due to magicking.

You should start buy procuring this “Liquid Gold Honey” from the dark jungles and rivers of the Amazon. It is made of pollen, bee spit, and enzymes.

Honey goes thru a rigorous process of beeing (haha get it beeing) chewed up and placed in a second stomach like hid-y-hole in the fetching bee. When the Fetching bee gets close to the other bee. What bee is that you ask. It’s the bee that allows the fetching bee to puke up and spit the honey into its mouth.

Bees are a very close species. If you were to spit in my mouth I would immedieately ask for two forms of ID and at least one past pay stub for verification. I assume the honey spiting works for the spit at bee similar to how “oil pulling” works for the people. Once they have swished it around for 20 minutes and gained whiter teeth and a higher paying job. They put it in a hole and wave their wings at it.

I assume the bees that are waving the wings are not magic and have never partaken of the magic honey. If they had then they too would have the magic of fly. Instead, they sit around and fan. It must be a southern thing. Maybe they are at a church where people don’t put enough money in the collection plate to keep the ac on. I bet their wings have nice little motivational sayings or funeral home ads printed on them.

Now that you know absolutely everything you ever needed to know about the bee’s and the honey and the magic. Oh…. I forgot to tell you the part about the bird. It doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, or at second. It does make a little more sense when you realize it’s a Penguin or occasionally a turkey.

Buzz on over to Amazon and grab some of that Liquid Gold Honey. 

Life’s a Story. Tell it like ya mean it.

Author: John Edgar


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